(Just a very rough attempt to provide some organization.)

Below is a listing of all the slides that I don't mind making available for public consumption, in reverse chronological order. They come in a variety of different formats (Google slides, HTML slides, hand-written notes, or PDF slides made using LaTeX), depending a bit on my mood and when I prepared them.

This site is a bit sparse now because mid 2021 I decided to switch from my patchwork Reveal.JS template to using the cleaner and more light-weight Shower for my HTML slides. My old Reveal.JS slides used Reveal-Hugo and was written in MarkDown. Rather than trying to retype everything in HTML, I just dumped those slides. In time this should be repopulated.

There is a search box with a very rudimentary search function (exact phrase matching only). Use the check-boxes to filter the talks by type.

Type Title Venue/Audience Date Link
Seminar Higher dimensional affine fluids and geodesics of $\mathsf{SL}(n)$ 2021 Conference on Geometric Analysis and Hyperbolic Equations, Guangxi University, Nanning, China 2021.12.8 slides
Seminar Geodesics on $SL(n)$ with the Hilbert-Schmidt metric, and one application to fluids Lefschetz Seminar, Clark University 2021.11.12 slides
Outreach The Final State Conjecture in General Relativity Presentation for US Physics Team 2021.6.24 G Slides
Seminar Blow-up of QNLW with Small Initial Data à la Christodoulou OXPDE Workshop, Oxford University 2014.1.13-14 Info & PDF

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